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Assorted Poetry



Assorted Poetry

Within are several pieces from various stages of my writing life. The subjects are varied, the styles equally various. I forget which was writ when, but I will attempt to present them in what I think to be chronological order. The oldest may be from when I was 13, but it's hard to recall.

The following poems are the copyrighted intellectual property of Stefanie Rathbone
All rights reserved

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My Best Beloved.

I ran my fingers through his hair,
as he whispered sweet secrets in my ear.
And then he kissed me.
.on the nose?
Then he rubbed his furry head against my cheek
as I ran my fingers through his hair,
and he purred sweet secrets in my ear
And he kissed me on the nose.

Darkened Dreams

Reluctantly lying in bed awake
The moon through a gap in my curtain gapes.
The stars and crickets sing waking the dead
And there I lie in the dark abed.

I try to turn away from it
To my dark room, half moonlit
And now the song of the night, it seems
To lull me into darkened dreams.

I run through the dew-damp grass in the night
Spread my arms out wide and take flight
To the sky which beckons me
I find what it's like to be
Truly Free.