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He whispered inarticulate belauding and gratification in my mind as he released stream after high-pressure stream of hot, savage seed within me.
Ohh bliss. Thank Themal, such bliss.
I let go my hold on consciousness. I drifted into the sound of our unison post-coital purring, into the sensation of his arms around me.
I went with the Moon.

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Chapter 7

After spending several hours sleeping in a bathtub, I should have been sore and stiff. Likewise should I be sore after such a ferocious session not unlike the one I endured the night previous… However, I felt quite refreshed. I felt… positively fantastic. I looked at the digital clock on the wall, and was delighted to find the sun was just about to set. We had spent the rest of the previous night and day in comfortable sleep.
Basil, back in human form, was curled around my thighs like a kitten embracing his favorite toy in blameless slumber. I stroked his messy hair, smiling peaceably. I felt him shivering, cold against the porcelain. I reached out for a hanging towel that was just outside my grasp…
and it swung toward my hand as if magnetized.
Grasping the towel, I sat there for a moment in incomprehension. No… no, that couldn’t be. My imagination, only.
I draped the fluffy terrycloth about Basil’s broad shoulders, and his sleeping lips spread in a dopey smile. He hugged my legs closer, nuzzling the cleft they created where they met my maidenhood. Blood had dried there, as well as like areas on himself. I considered a second bath for a moment, but decided that might lead to other things that would have to wait for the time being.

“Basil…” I said softly, stroking his cheek and attempting to wake him.
“Fress…” he murmured. I started a bit at this, having not told him my name.  Had he really gotten inside my head? How much of it did he remember?
“Basil, time to wake up.”
He breathed deep through flared nostrils, squeezing me again. He opened his eyes, and looked up and into mine.
“Fressia. That’s your name, isn’t it? Like the flower, but different.”
“That’s right, the flower is freesia. Fressia is my dialect’s pronunciation of it.”
“Fascinating.” his kind tone betrayed the intended sarcasm, and he slid up my body to plant a kiss on my nose. Another on my cheek. Another on my lips.
I melted under him, kissing back. My legs spread for him of their own accord.
I had to fight to regain myself. “Basil, I have things I need to do…”
“Yeah, me.”
I giggled at the ridiculously poor joke. “No, please… stop.” I pushed him away with difficulty.
“I have to… I have to do serious things. I need you to stay in the room. I should be done in a few hours.”