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at him uncertainly, expecting him to think me a lunatic. His brow was furrowed, but he only looked inquisitive. I continued.
“The story of the Moon’s Daughter is a popular one. It was even made into a Spanish folk song. About her son, Airuhmm, however… not much is known. Well… aside from the fact he could shape-shift into his mother’s likeness. He could turn into the Leahm Cathraig, the ailurothrope. The were-lion. This was only a legend… and he was the only one. The only one documented. I never would have believed… never, until last night… You…” I couldn’t finish the sentence. I was feeling a sudden rush of conflicting emotions again.  He needed to die. He needed to live.

“Ok, I think I understand now. You tied me to your bathtub… pointed a gun in my face… made out with me like a little crazy-ass prick-tease… because you think I’m some kind of were-panther?” He was mocking sincerity, and thought me insane after all.
“And, as if that wasn’t enough, you’re one of those goth freaks who drink cow blood, wear snake-eye contacts, and call yourself the undead.”
Outrage. A complete outrage.
I stormed to the side of the bathtub, sneering daggers at him, exposing long, bared fangs; and hissed fury into his face.
SSSSSsssssssssssssshhhhhHow dare you? How dare you! I could have killed you several hundred times, several hundred different ways, but I took mercy on you and allowed you to live! HOW DARE YOU!! I don’t know WHY I… I…”

It was happening again. A wave of dizziness washed over me, my breath grew suddenly heavy… He smelled so… so irresistible… I had completely lost my train of thought.
He looked equally lost; eyes at half-mast, his lightly-furred chest rising and falling at a slow, heavy cadence.

“You’re her… You’re that girl…” his voice was low, sleeptalk.

It seemed suddenly silly that he should be naked and I should be clothed. I disrobed, letting the sodden garments drop to the tile in meaningless splats.
His restraints seemed likewise silly. I loosened the knots, his arms slipped free to embrace me… to pull me into the tub with him once more.
I bit him again, below the previous punctures. I quaffed again that delirious ambrosia that flowed so freely through his sacred veins…

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I welcomed the change.
Airuhmm, son of Reanddemal herself…

He slid into me as man… but took me as cat.
Strong, wide hands seized my hips, forcing them to oscillate… lifting me, pulling me down again with force… impaling me and filling me righteously. Dulcet pain, delicious agony, dire pleasure… I fell forward onto him; my forehead to his silky chest… the barest scrim of his golden coat had begun to sprout thence…

His metamorphosis did not fully complete… possibly for this purpose alone. For the purpose of taking a bipedal mate.
I was shoved onto my stomach, draped carelessly over the lip of the tub. I felt his claws dip slightly into the flesh of my rump as he mounted me. As he took me. Claimed me. Made me his possession. Thus, possessed me from within…
His spear of flesh stretched me to my limit as he slid slowly inward. I could not help but flex hungrily around this… Goddess, it felt sublime.
Oh, but the best part… the best part was when he pulled back. His organ was barbed, just as all toms’ are made, and tore minute stripes in my inner lining. It was… instantaneous climax. It rendered me helpless, and I bit my own arm in the intensity of it… drawing my own blood and suckling it. This only added to the lovely delirium.
His pace quickened. I felt his claws trace light trails up my spine… around my ribcage… I inhaled sharply as he seized my small breasts in his massive paw-hands, the pads of which were soft and uncallused. The paws of a noble, I thought, and giggled drunkenly.
He thrust violently at this, grasping my hair in one of those great paws.
Noble? You think me noble?
I heard this not with my ears… but in my mind. Had he really…?
I’ll show you nobility, dearest morsel…
And he began to pummel me… mercilessly. He caused me to scream, to yowl, to cry.  His brutal ministrations caused me to sob in powerless ecstasy. I called upon Reanddemal, I called upon her daughter, Tiearnellon… I praised her son over and over in my natal tongue.
The intensity grew beyond my capacity to endure… I felt I must faint from it… scrabbled desperately to cling to cognizance and could not find a hold.
And that was when he neared his own climax. I felt his breath upon my neck, heard his thunderous, spastic purr in my ear.