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My lips brushed his neck, my tongue sliding out for a taste. His surface salinity caused me to salivate… I nipped playfully close to his artery. He jumped, seizing my arm and waist. He pushed against me, eager to feel my teeth. I did not disappoint.

The dainty twin ivory points broke through that caramel skin, and I sipped daintily from him. I considered the flavor, found it divine. The merlot was definitely a good choice with this particular dish.

I left his neck to trickle a thin line of red. I watched it for a moment, transfixed. I quickly unbuttoned his shirt so as to allow the drop to progress downward. Over his right pectoral, around one pert, dark nipple. It created little curves as it traversed his sumptuous abdominals… and stopped in that sparse tuft of baby-soft fur above his fly. I slid to the floor before him, parting his knees.
He sucked a nervous breath as I unbuttoned, then unzipped his fabric confinement. I could feel his pulse radiating from that delectable appendage… it rose to my touch. I marveled again at the insistence of life… his young, lithe body ready to reproduce. It awakened the heated feline within me… For a moment, I was tempted not to finish this one. For a moment… I was tempted to let him take me in lieu of the reverse.
But it was only for a moment.

I gave him his last thrill. My rough, bristled tongue brought him swiftly to climax. His saccharine release complemented his sanguine effluence. The blood always tastes better… richer, when drawn from the lower central extremity…

I hung his body, now much paler than when he had walked through my front door, in my walk-in freezer down-cellar. He joined two or three other leftovers I was saving… They would come in handy as hors d'oeuvres for the immanent feast. I was thinking maybe some carpaccio drizzled with garlic and truffle oil, along with some of my meaty tyropita. Oh, but could I get the phyllo in time? Hard to find such exotic ingredients on this island.

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I was contemplating this as I closed the great metal door behind me and climbed the cold stone steps.

I slept alone.