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Chapter 2

Themal was reaching her peak fullness, a night in late October. I had just ended a productive conversation via cam with an associate on the mainland. As it was my last of these calls, I proceeded to remove my guise. Humans notice little things… such as their conversational counterpart being pale as a corpse whilst living in island paradise. That, and the fact that I have the physical appearance of a sixteen-year-old human girl. When I wear contacts, that is. My actual age is not of particular import- long-timers like myself don’t bother to chart our time in existence as humans do. Obsessed with time. The passage of the Great Thief Chronos.

I scrubbed at my face, removing the thick base and dark lipstick. Dawn was still a few hours away… I considered briefly visiting one of Maui’s little local hot spots. The feast wasn’t till the next night… a snack couldn’t hurt. Especially if it was one of those spicy-delicious Polynesians…
That was when I heard the door downstairs shut quietly. I smirked, as my decision was made for me. The maid’s week was up tonight, that’s right.

I slinked down the lavish, velvet-padded staircase in nothing but my sheer satin robe. The “maid” had set aside his things and was stooped over a box of cleaning solutions and accoutrements. I draped myself languidly across a chaise longue, picking up a handy wine glass and watched him. My feline pupils were open to full circles, and I could feel them shrink back to slits when he turned on a light.

He jolted in surprise, and my heart skipped a beat with his. I could feel the increased tempo of his pulse, and the second reaction I had been waiting for, as well. A minute rise in his pristine, white trousers.

“I didn’t see you there, ma’am… miss…” he stammered, pulling the padded mop in his left hand closer to himself.

I smirked and nodded, rotating the curve of the empty wineglass in my palm.

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“So… your parents are out tonight?” he shifted timidly, a shy smile creeping up one caramel-colored cheek.
“They’re out every night. Can you get me some wine, sweetness?” I held out my glass, raising slender black eyebrows.
“I dunno… you’re underage…”
“No one to know but you and me.” I twitched one of my eyebrows playfully. He emitted a nervous giggle, and nodded, doing as bid.
He returned, carrying my favorite merlot in one chaffed hand, a corkscrew in the other. Receptive and adorable. Perfect pet material… if he didn’t smell so damnably delicious.
He sat beside me on the longue, uncorking the bottle and pouring for me. I rewarded him with a sultry smile, lids masking the tops of my irises as I took a dainty sip.
He raked a hand through tousled, sun-bleached surfer locks, regarding me with daylight blue eyes.

“Explain to me… I’m somewhat confused…” I purred, tilting my head, “what is a fit, attractive young man like you doing cleaning houses in the middle of the night?”
He blushed a bit, looking at his feet, and I sensed again a slight rise beneath his fly.
“I dunno… needed the cash… I guess your parents put up a Craigslist ad, and I answered it. Gotta day job too.”
“Poor, dear thing… you must be exhausted.” I leaned toward him, my robe loosening.
“Oh, no, I’m not tired…” it jerked visibly that time, in lieu of a timid nod.
I handed him the bottle, bid him to join me. He took a healthy swig. It would make for a pleasant aftertaste, I thought.

He emboldened on my silent cue, leaning closer. In the partial light, he no doubt could see the delicate amethyst of my inhuman eyes… but he was now under my influence. I tilted my head, exposing my neck. He did likewise. I took my time, smelling his lightly toasted aroma of sun and salt and sex… yes, pheromones add a distinct spice. I suppose this is why I prefer men.