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Love Poems



Love Poems

I have been writing love poems for longer than I've known what love really is. I suppose one's definition of romantic love shifts and changes its color from one phase to the next...

A little personal tidbit: two of these poems, Gymnopedies and Nocturne No. 1, were written before I met my soulmate (I do not use that term lightly). I wrote them in innocent hope of what might someday be. Now, strangely, they have very specific resonance. I know what it feels like to say "life can wait." I know the sensation of watching the sunrise; enfolded in warm, familliar arms.
Also, most powerful coincidence of all, I wrote Nocturne on my beloved's birthday... three years before I met him.

Do you believe in Fate?

The following poems are the copyrighted intellectual property of Stefanie Rathbone
All rights reserved

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That night
I saw you
What was this feeling
I couldn't fight?
You were so kind...
And we were together
Our eyes met more than once
Blue and Brown
Sky and Ground
But... Still...
There was nothing there more
Than friendship

Playful games
You won... I won...
We played together
Your touch.
I guided you outside
The dark, humid summer night
We watched the lightening together
One star

Oh! Why!?
I made no move. You made no move.
And sky lit up
Your face
Eyes met again
Merging of the elements
Beneath God's fireworks

And now I cry...
I don't know why
I feel God's own love inside
But without yours...
These tears still come like rain
The lightening making my heart fly
Remembering that night.