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Poems of Outrage



Poems of Outrage

Everyone writes angrily from time to time. These are by no means my favorite or best poems, but they were all writ while under the influence of strong emotion. They are, therefore, worthy of being read by others. I encourage all aspiring writers to convey feeling strongly in everything they compose.

For my own work, I will say that many (if not most) of these were writ in teenage rage. I don't necessarily feel the same about some of those subjects now.

The following poems are the copyrighted intellectual property of Stefanie Rathbone
All rights reserved

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Confused Adolescence

I stand there motionless
Back against the wall
Breathing slowly

My mind is a blur
Of confused thoughts and unsure assumptions
My face expressionless, I am oblivious to what is going on around me

As I stare straight ahead
My vision blurs with tears
It becomes painful to breathe

They run down my face
Cold tears of failure
What to do now, I cannot say

I touch these tears
Half believing them to be there
And yet my face nor my eyes read

I walk slowly
My legs aching with spasms of defeat
I am too naieve.I am too childish.
To be the age I am

I lean against my bedroom door
The tears running down my indifferent face
As I slowly

Sanity has left me
And I am alone
I scream at myself inside with frustration
Wishing I could just die.