~~Targeting Graphics/Web Design, Print, or General Multimedia~~

Seeking a position requiring years of experience in graphic/web design, print specialty, the capture & editing of video/audio, product/portrait/photo-journalism photography, and if needed, clerical skills as well. Highly organized, efficient, and skilled in a variety of tasks.

٭ Experience ٭

10/2011 – Present
Infomedia Trial Solutions
Filmed legal depositions, independent medical examinations, and compulsory medical examinations. Drove to sites all over the Tampa bay area, Orlando and Ocala for said video shoots. Worked with advanced professional video and audio equipment. Edited videos for trial. Synced video with transcripts using Trial Director family of programs, and organized large amounts of trial data under Bates numbering system. Completed many other clerical tasks.

Manager of Art Department
3/2011- 10/11 TMarketing Products, Tampa, FL
Designed custom graphic labels and made print-ready. Worked with both label printer/lamentator and label placement machine. Worked with several digital catalog sites and software. Handled most customer service calls/emails. Designed and orchestrated web site. Managed samples/catalog department as well.

Office Manager
12/2010-2/2011 Excite Medical, Tampa, FL
Handled accounts receivable, answered all phone calls and scheduled field techs to travel to various customer locations. Sold services and product. Organized customer data, performed customer service. Continued to fulfill all graphic designer duties.
Graphic/Web Designer
9/2010-12/2010 Excite Medical, Tampa, FL
Designed several sites and print materials. Worked heavily with SEO programs/techniques including Godaddy, traffic increasing programs, and landing pages. Worked with DNS.

Freelance Design Work
Produced site layouts, business/marketing consultation, and product photography/display for various personal and business professionals. Aided in technology implementation for product sales.

Graphic/Web Designer
6/2009-11/2009 GraphicsTech, Tampa, FL
Trained in large-scale plotter printing (materials, programs, ink, mechanical maintenance). Designed for web, small-scale print, large-scale print, vehicle wraps, decals, frosted window decal cutouts, logo design, video for web, and printed large-scale banners/ signs. Applied adhesive vinyl to cars, corplast, and PVC board. Designed, printed, and assembled indoor and outdoor banners.

Graphic/Web Designer
11/2008 – 1/2009 Sago Networks, Tampa, Florida
Acted as sole designer for three months. Created several sites and landing pages using Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Designed flyers, trifolds and Christmas Cards. Created several flash animations for various sites.

Graphic/Web Designer and Video production/special effects specialist
2/2001 - 4/2008 Media Ovation, Inc., Tampa, Florida
Heavily trained in most Adobe and Macromedia multimedia software. Created Hollywood-quality special effects using green and blue screen technology. Created graphics and utilized photo manipulation for ads, brochures, business cards, banners, web sites, and custom programmed browsers. Gained experience giving professional video presentations for clients. Knowledgeable on the video pre & post-production process from start to finish including operation of cameras & teleprompters, digital video capture, video editing & special effects, audio mastering & effects, video rendering and output conversion including DVD menu production.

٭ Skills ٭

٭ Graphic Design and Photo manipulation

٭ Video Production and Special effects (SD/HD)

٭ Product, Portrait & Photojournalism Photography

٭ Large-scale Plotter Printing, setup for print and operation of the plotter itself
(adhesive vinyl, banner material, cut-out decals/stickers etc.)

٭ Design layout for websites

٭ Search Engine Optimization

Am extremely versed in the use of the following software packages:

Adobe After Effects 6, 7, CS3, CS4

Audition 1, 2, CS3, CS4

Encore 1, 2, CS3, CS4

Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5

Premiere 5, 6, Pro, Pro 2, Pro CS3, CS4

Dreamweaver MX, 8, CS3, CS4, CS5

Illustrator 10, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5

Microsoft Office (entire), OpenOffice

Operating Systems: Mac, Windows 95 to Windows 8

I am also proficient in:

Flash MX, 8, CS3, CS4, CS5

Indesign CS4, CS5

ACT! 11

Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0

Photography & Videography Equipment~

Extremely proficient in the use of Canon, Sony, JVC, Panasonic still & SD/HD video cameras, as well as their components and accessories.


I have worked in the graphic design (web, print, video) industry for over ten years, and have studied with the creators of After Effects and most of the popular plug-ins for Photoshop. I have attended numerous seminars and completed many online graphics and special FX educational courses. I was a member of the Board of Career Professionals at International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa. I firmly believe in the continued pursuit of knowledge.


$30,000 to $45,000 – Negotiable depending on scope of responsibility and overall benefit programs.


There are some personal qualities I have that I believe would be a benefit to any employer. I am highly creative, maintain a positive attitude and am always eager to learn. I am extremely dependable and always on-time for work.

I will always find a way to get the job done. I have learned to ask the right questions to determine all the parameters and deadlines for a job. I am a self-starter, fast learner, organized, and able to prioritize tasks. I am also trustworthy, and able to get along with a wide variety of personalities.