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In the Name of Science



In the Name of Science

Please don't read this if you are easily offended. I almost didn't put this up, as it contains violent and explicit content. While nowhere near as gory or explicit as Moon Children, it has a rather controvercial core to it.
I'm putting the red and yellow tape on the binding of this because some have asked me to write more chapters to it. It was never really intended to be more than a short story (and those things are fairly impossible for me to write).

This came to me as a very vivid dream. It wanted to be writ. Thus, it is written. Take it however you like. You have been warned.

In the Name of Science is the copyrighted intellectual property of Stefanie Rathbone, as of 3/5/2007
All rights reserved

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Since the completion of our new underground lab, we had seen much progress in our research. We had isolated the newer genes that separated homo sapiens sapiens from homo sapiens provectus, and we had a surprising number of willing test subjects. You'd be surprised what a person will do in the name of science and progress. Sadly, people tend to think too much of themselves... and we were only able to procure four provecti genome-positive specimens.

The new lab was prodigious. Glass walls separated the different sections. The living quarters for test subjects was enviable. They had areas to exercise, an Olympic-sized pool, luxurious dwelling and recreation areas, and the finest healthy cafeteria the government's money could buy. Our end of the lab was less extravagant. We really only need the equipment and utilities to advance our research. We scientists need no frills to convince us, after all.
Getting ahead of myself, though, aren't I?

For the most part, the general population of Earth knows nothing about the more advanced super race of humans called homo sapiens provectus. They live among us, usually as unaware of their superior genetic structure as those around them. Some don't even know the extent of their advanced intellect. A provectus human will be able to learn any skill set in a quarter of the time a normal human could, and retain seven times the knowledge and muscle memory. They are capable of just about anything. We have yet to find their limits.

Recruiting provectus humans is somewhat difficult, mainly because they don't usually perceive themselves as anything special. We have to keep a wary eye out. Luckily, though, we happened to have two good specimens for our reproductive program. Always difficult explaining this to the subjects in question.
That day, I had my hair tied in a tighter bun than usual. I remember being nervous about the whole ordeal, that's probably why I did such a thing. The test subjects were finishing breakfast (all four of them) and I had pulled the two aside to explain the next set of tests.