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This is another dream-inspired work, no doubt induced by my love for gaming. The idea is that the future of MMO gaming is full-body holodecks, like in Star Trek.
I couldn't get myself past the first chapter, and I don't know if I ever will. Honestly, I could make it go somewhere if I wanted, but I stopped writing where the dream ended. This is why I hate alarm clocks with a keen vehemence.

Gamer is the copyrighted intellectual property of Stefanie Rathbone, as of 7/12/2007
All rights reserved

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She slid her charge disk into the slot, biting her lip with anticipation.
It was an unusually long line today. Of course it was. They’d just released the newest Boss. Not near as many people had even heard of the game before today, with the new ad campaign out on every street corner screen- in every hov-car, in every subway…
She snapped her personal eye-screen down to view the latest stats, stepping into a locker room to gear up.

This new Boss was incredible. He’d finished off every opponent thus far. This floor had only been open for the last six hours. She didn’t venture to see the stats nationwide.

She clicked her sensors into place. When the holo-screen on her arm flashed to life, she dialed in her code, then began selecting her armor and weaponry. She then strode briskly to the door, and signed her name jerkily on the required screen. She’d read it before. The waver that kept MidWorld inc. safe from any unwanted legal action. Daleth, one of her sparring partners called it the “loss of limb or life agreement.” The game remained severely popular despite any serious injury that came from playing MidWorld Conquest, and now would be known nationwide- nay- WORLDwide due to their new marketing ploy.


The door slid open, and the Lady Valkyrae stepped onto the battlefield in full armor.