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Memories of the Farm



Memories of the Farm

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the farm of my youth still holds my very best memories. I will be pining for its pasture, orchard, treehouse and achers of strawberry fields till I perish from this plane. My last thoughts will be of the view from the hilltop... of that massive sugar-mound that was Mount Hood.
I'm tearing up, even as I write this, so strongly I miss that little patch of Oregon I wish I could call my own.

Green Memory and Past Perfect are the copyrighted intellectual property of Stefanie Rathbone
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Green Memory

Oh, Endless Day
A place where the sun stays at the crown of the heavenly cloud-smattered dome
And the clouds pass over the dandelions in shapes that then
Seemed so clearly distinguishable

Oh, endless green pastures
And strawberry fields forever
Oh, endless June.

If I could but show you
My green memory
The endless youth on the ceiling of my memory

If I could but take you to the orchard where the children danced in goulashes
Would you laugh?
Take my hand and run shouting down the hill
Swing on the tire and pretend to fly
From the branches of my
Green memory.

Sit with me and dream of endless summers out
Where the traffic dissolves to nothing
But the birds and the bees and the crickets
And the trickle of a creek

Would you cry?
If I showed you the blue edges
The parts burnt down
Viewed from a tree fort vantage point
Scraps of ashy photos and tin cans
Blown into the bramble of blackberry bushes.

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