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Deep Emerald



Deep Emerald

This is the only work of fan-fiction I will put in this library. I gave up that folly years ago.

I was strangely inspired to write a rather obscure mini fanfic (as they're called) on a subject to which I had never given much thought to previously. Normally, such massively popular subjects hold little interest for me. I enjoy the lesser-known, the unique, and the bizarre.
However this came to be writ, so it was.
I encourage my readers to try to guess at the subject of this work. I will say that the character speaking from the first person is my own creation, but is the same race as the subject of the fanfic. I will also hint that this should be easy for comic book enthusiasts.

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It’s true that we’re obsessed with our own death. Our own frail mortality. No matter how we try to drive it from our mind, or make ourselves believe we can, that darkness… that… unknown… the awe of complete destruction holds us thrall
(from fall to fall-
Thou needest not to hear.)

is the thing that drives the media, so it seems. Why else would you people televise acts of war (however carefully edited) car accidents, bombings, natural disasters….
Since when does good news flood your airways?

I’ve watched you for some time… and I see these two things we have in common.

We are obsessed with our own mortality, while never expect it to actually happen-
(tried too many times)
and we believe ourselves to be alone in the universe.

Though I doubt any of you could contemplate the true depth of my solitude.

One could.
It seems he met his darkness
(deep emerald)
and thus ended his own little struggle with the drug. I watched. We all watched.
We all knew he had it coming in the back of our minds.
His little positive flood of media couldn’t remain so, could it? You can’t save them all.
You couldn’t even save yourself.