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The Child and the Gulls



The Child and the Gulls

It is heartening, inspiring, and uplifting to see innocence prevail over the influence of popular malfeasance. Some think that the age of computers and video games and internet will stifle the imagination of the newer generations. A young boy named Steele -whom I had the pleasure of looking after one day in late winter- proved that theory wrong for me.

The Child and the Gulls is the copyrighted intellectual property of Stefanie Rathbone, as of 2/19/2007
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It had been overcast, the day the child met kindness.
We had gone out to play, a thing that has become prematurely foreign to me at my age. Gone out to make a game out of making names for the crabs and tossing around a ball so it might be easy to catch. 

We had strolled onto the dock with some bread for the fish, finding with dismay there were none hungry enough to bite.
That’s when the gulls came.

They swooped down and snatched the forgotten soggy morsels eagerly. He smiled with wide eyes, amazed at the simple occurrence. 

We tossed the bread to them, tossed it high. Almost every piece caught and gobbled down by one bird or another.

“I want to feed this next one,” he’d claim, tossing a treat to the closest, laughing when his gift was received.

“Here you go, eat up!”