Moi.Who am I?

___I often find it very difficult to talk about myself. I was raised not to be self-oriented, and to always put others before myself. However, a writer and an artist both must learn introspection, and observe themselves from a stranger's perspective.

___ Now, at the age of 28, I am still getting to know this person named Stefanie. I'll introduce her to you as best I can.
First and foremost, I am an artist and an author in equal parts. One talent sometimes partially eclipses the other, but both are ever-present. I cannot stop writing; I cannot stop creating. I have tried many different mediums and styles of both trades, and am very open-minded to variety and progress.

___ I was born in Portland, Oregon in December in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-five. I grew up between Gresham and a farm in Sandy, at the base of Mt. Hood. All of my fondest memories are from that farm, and I often write about it to keep those memories fresh. I miss Oregon dearly... I dream of one day going back and buying that farm. I want to retire there, like my grandparents did. The only place that comes close to rivaling it is North Carolina. Specifically, the Smoky Mountains. I have had my very best vacations and camping outings thence. I'll be displaying some of my photography taken in those gorgeous mountains.

___ I like to think of myself as a bit of a nerd. It's a nerd's world, you know. Moreso with every passing day. I love my various MMOs and single-player RPGs (PC gaming, of course :3 ). I'm a huge fan of Tolkein, Poe, Heinlein, Lovecraft, and the ever-illustrious Stephen King (I am a Tower Junkie. To the core). I love Star Trek (Next Generation and Voyager), Mythbusters, all the Harry Potter books/movies, and am slowly but surely teaching myself Na'Vi and Ta'Agra'Iss. Latin fascinates me. As does philosophy, physics, therapudic herbology, and the state of Zen. I am an ailurophile, bibliophile, claustrophile, and acrophile. I do, however, have a small case of spheksophobia. Does hinder my entomological interests a bit.

___ Why and not I'm sure the latter is taken by now. My name is not all that unique. For that reason, and because Aeyvi is my online pseudonym/nom de plume, I'm using this domain instead of something more "practical." I almost like it better than my given name. It feels more... me.

___ I have been writing and creating stories since before I could even read. I would draw descriptive pictures, and staple them together in booklets. I was so eager to learn the English language, even in kindergarten. I have won awards for writing in my school days, but I no longer compete. I write for my own enjoyment, and to share my inner adventures with others. I like to think of myself as well-read and very precise with my grammar and spelling. Some might call me a Grammar Nazi, but really grammar is just one of my pet peeves. I'll often correct someone mid sentence (ie: "She baked cookies for he and I." correction- "She baked cookies for him and me.") and I'll often catch myself correcting people in online chats. God, how kids type today... it drives me batty.

___ I have been a graphic designer since the age of sixteen, when I began working for my parents' company. It was the hardest six years of my working life. I am self-taught in most Adobe products, and have studied with masters and creators of the programs and their plug-ins. I like to think of myself as a Photoshop Guru... but alas, I have not the funds yet to get my Adobe Certification.
Likewise am I profficient in Premiere and After effects. I used them frequently as head of a film department in the above stated position. I often had to be a one-woman production team. From set up, lighting, direction, shooting- then to capture and post production and editing- then finally to rendering, checking, and burning to menu-functional DVD and online progressive/streaming flash. I oft also was the script writer, the spokesperson, and the vocal talent. It was not an easy job, to say the least.

___Since then, I have been a telemarketer, an appointment setter, a secretary, a waitress, a web designer, a graphic designer, a general media expert, large-scale plotter operator, videographer, and even worked with DNS and SEO.

___On March 17, 2013, I was wed to my darling beau of six years. We discovered we were expecting shortly after our 1-year anniversary. I am currently attending Wake Tech, and gettng my preliminary studies under my tightly-cinched belt. Then... who knows? I've wanted to be an entomologist since age six... I still have deep interest in the field... But at the same time, all my experience is in visual marketing. I suppose I'm still trying to find out what this Stefanie is meant for, what her purpose is in life. I'm only 28, after all. I still have time.