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Deep Emerald


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He is why I came here. Because good has to be balanced, lest the masses take it upon themselves. This is my burden. Was my burden.

deep, beautiful, emerald green…
It’s enchanting.
You have to see it in half-light for the full effect, I’ve found. It has a murky chatoyance, and a visible cloudy aura in the right spectrum. You have to look closely.
I have.

I studied it years and years ago. Earth-planet years. I lost track. Back when I was young, but not by choice.
I studied it as an alchemist would have taken the greatest interest in discovering new and much more effective poisons- for my peers to find antidotes. I cared little for the antidotes, as you must know by now. 

We had it, just before the exodus…

No, you weren’t alone. You were never alone.
Here was your sister all along.
By race, if not by blood. Considering all that has happened, we might as well have come from the same mother.
Though I’m old enough to be your mother…

We all talk to the dead, don’t we?

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It’s a shame we never met. There’s so much you would have wanted to know that those old recordings could never have truly given you. To speak t a living member of your lost species… I’m sure you would have given anything.

I’m so sorry you never knew me. Though I always knew it was for the best. As I said, I am the balance. I am the poison to your feeble antidote. 

(and now in death, my soul is fain
to tell the tale of fear…)

So, if you’re really gone… why am I still here?
Why am I still surrounding myself with these deadly shards of deepest green….
It’s more than feeding my obsession…

I hang on for the antidote, I guess.